Vistara’s terrible ground service in Bengaluru

Email sent to Vistara on 15 September, 2020

Full conversation can be found here at 2020-10-04_Gmail-Complaint about your wheel chair facility

On 8 October 2020 the company finally apologised and sent in this explanation (2020-10-08_Vistara_Gmail_apology-explanation). But there is no report on action taken gainst the errant officer.


My name is Chandrika Bhaskar and I have some major complaints against your ground handling staff at Bengaluru airport.  The details are as given below:

I travelled on Monday, September 14, 2020 from Benguluru to Mumbai by Vistara flight number UK 864, departure from Bengaluru, 11.45 a.m. I chose a window seat number 27A, which was confirmed on the ticket. Although I had wanted a window seat, it was denied to me.  Instead I was given an aisle seat (7C), though in the front. Your records will confirm my statement. The irony was that the aircraft was almost empty.  Window seats were available.  Yet, my seat was changed quite randomly, without an offer of an explanation.

I had made another request for wheelchair assistance, because I am a senior citizen. I have availed of this facility in the past as well and have never faced a problem with its availability. For this flight as well I had booked a wheelchair and received a confirmation for it.

  1. However, at the airport I was made to wait for almost 15 minutes. I was repeatedly badgered about my need for this facility. One of your officers, demanded a medical certificate.  If a medical certificate were needed, should I not have been informed about this prior to my booking the ticket?
  1. After the wheelchair had finally been arranged and I thought I could go in for security clearance, another staff member of Vistara, named Santosh Nair, walked up and asked me why I needed the wheelchair. When I protested at this constant questioning, he told me rudely that I need not fly Vistara if I felt that their services did not meet my expectations. When I mentioned that I would take this matter up with higher authorities, he encouraged me to do so, and taunted me to go ahead and complain. His tone throughout his interaction was both loud and abrasive.
  1. I am shocked at this absence of basic courtesy and politeness on the part of Mr. Santosh Nair.  This is not what I have experienced with Vistara in the past, and I would like to know if I should discontinue flying with you as exhorted by your officer Santosh Nair. In most of my previous trips I chosen Vistara over others.  Should I revise my choice?

Courtesy and politeness in your industry are not only desirables, but even required by law.  I am shocked that your officer has been disdainful of both.

Sincerely yours,



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