Policy booklets and Research reports can be downloaded from the links given below:

2019 – Where do I study Overseas? Global Perspective on Education

2019 – Gold and its increasing allure for India and the world

2019 – Health Insurance Right Diagnosis Right Prescription

2018 – Madhya Pradesh Agri-Revolution

2019 — Madhya Pradesh’s agriculture — Coffee Table Book

2018 – India’s Coastline- Engine and Wheel of Economic Growth

2018 – Cold Chain Solutions for Tomorrow’s India

2017-Re-imagining Mumbai Cleaner and less congested

2017-India’s Road Ahead

2017-Banking Conclave

2017- Women Empowerment

2017- Food Processing The new goldmine in India

2016- NPA’s Who took the Bank’s Money

2016- Dairy industry and its relevance

2016 – Solar Energy The Agony And The Ecstasy

2016 – How to give India’s Gold a better glow

2015- The future of power tariffs

2015 – How to revive the Gems & Jewellery Industry in India


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