Budget 2021

The Budget has been hailed as an “never before” Budget.  Unfortunately, it does not live up to this claim.  Here are some views by RN Bhaskar

Feb 1, 2021– Five mistakes one must avoid while reading Budget 2021


Budget 2021 has many failing.  So why are the markets buoyant? .  For the same reason why the US markets were on a high.  When too much money is easily available, asset bubbles are bound to emerge.  That is why the stock markets are going up.


Feb 5, 2021 -Budget 2021 is a mixed bag, with too many causes for alarm


Budget 2021 is about the government’s utter failure to strengthen India. Atma Nirbhar is only a slogan without education and health. And this is the fundamental flaw in this Budget.  Other flaws are also there, but you cannot transform India without health and education.


Feb 8, 2021 –Animal husbandry was left with little in Budget 2021, though it deserved much more


Budget 2021 has little for animal husbandry.  It cares little for marginalised farmers. Those  rearing cattle have been badly hit, so have leather industry workers and those working for meat exports. It is a question of human values.  Also one about economic growth for rural India.


Feb 10, 2021 — Budget 2021 hurts both banking and Atma Nirbhar Bharat


Budget 2021 wants to create a bad bank which will hold all the NPAs of PSBs. Terrible idea.  It conceals the evidence of the stinking rot in banking.  But it also allows banks to continue with frauds as before. And Atma Nirbhar Bharat means putting India before foreign interests.



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