India is slipping.  Here are five steps to restore India to glory

These are articles meant for the government — on what it should do to prevent India from slipping further into an economic morass.

The first article is just a backgrounder, and not technically part of the series.  But it sets the tone on why this series became necessary.

Shrinking rapidly! Modi. BJP. Even India

Modi, BJP and India could be shrinking.  India could go down the same route that Pakistan did 20 years ago. Pakistan’s only USP was easy access route into Afghanistan for the US.  A shrinking India’s only USP could become a foil for China.  India cannot afford to shrink.

Agenda for the government – #1. Don’t meddle with the dairy sector

Milk, leather and beef together account for almost half the rural employment and much of the nutrition. The diary sector is the mother lode for all the three industries.  Hurt it, and you could lose almost a third of consumer demand in India.

 Agenda #2 – CEZs can help India revive from its continuous decline

Just one CEZ can trigger a series other CEZs.  They could create jobs, boost exports, and give India the sorely needed breathing space it needs to set right the rest of its domestic policies. Even politically, it is the easiest to implement, if there is humility and sagacity

Agenda #3 — Don’t shoot down messengers; don’t fudge the numbers

Genghis Khan is relevant for India to underscore three things.  One, that you do not need to build a tomb, a stadium or send a photograph into space to prove that you are great. Second, messengers should not be harmed in any way.  Third, consensus is extremely important.

Agenda #4 – Stop fiddling with agri & edible oil prices

When demand is low, and prices go up, something is not right. Consumer demand is low, so why have edible oil prices soared? Why does the government import edible oil? Why not adopt NDDB’s Dhara model? Current policies benefit oil traders and speculators.


Agenda #5 – Nail-biting moments – Can India be revived?

India can be revived. Currently, it is obsessed with triumphalism, vindictiveness, and intolerance. It must also get its global relationships right.  It must revive trade relationships with Iran, Russia and even China.  And it needs to address the black holes.


Can Africa become the new market to stump India?

Twenty years ago, India made heads turn.  It was still among the prettiest of them all.  But it wasted opportunities.  Meanwhile, other contenders for the hearts of investors have emerged.  The most attractive could be Africa in just five years’ time.


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