Amazon’s customer unfriendliness

RN Bhaskar

Despite half a dozen calls to Amazon and its local office in the past few months ( and despite several assurances that my orders will be delivered to me properly, last night my order was cancelled.

What was wrong

The delivery person

  • did not come to my house,
  • did not ring my doorbell,
  • did not ring me up,
  • did not bother to drop the package in the delivery bag hanging on the house gate, or the delivery box on the gate pillar,
  • Yet, the delivery body had the gall to inform amazon that the package was not deliverable, and Amazon promptly cancelled it.

I am not re-ordering the item

In the past I would have re-ordered the item.  This time, I am not reordering the item.  It is up to Amazon to see if it can rectify the situation, and send the item to me without my reordering it.  This is because

  1. Amazon’s delivery boys are lying.
  2. B) customers cannot be penalised for no fault of theirs
  3. I must pay first, then wait for some time till the refund is processed, and in the meantime must pay again to re-order the item. This is a criminal waste of funds, and Amazon is directly and vicariously liable for such faults.,


Curious dialogue with Amazon’s delivery boys

In the past, Amazon’s courier persons actually rang me up to ask me what item I had ordered, then informed me that they could not find my order, then ring me up again to tell me that my product was defective and leaking and was hence being cancelled, instead of delivering it to me and letting me cancel it.

I have two audio recordings of the discussions, and You can find the links below.

Products with unfulfilled warranties

I had ordered a dehumidifier from Amazon.  But the product stopped working after three months.  Hence, I could not return it to Amazon. But when I posted my query on Amazon, the company refused to inform me how I could get it serviced since it was under warranty for a year.  There was just no response from the company.

Logically, since this is a breach of warranty conditions, and against consumer interests, Amazon should immediately delist the product till the warranty is honoured.  But Amazon has chosen to continue to make money by selling this item, even if consumers lose money and time. Amazon is vicariously responsible for ensuring that the warranty is respected.  The least I expect from Amazon is to delist the product, so that no other customer gets cheated.

Unconcern for customers

There are just two instances why I believe Amazon has been customer unfriendly, and even disdainful about customer needs.

Let me explain further.

I am a senior citizen and suffer from progressive muscular dystrophy of my right leg.  Hence mobility up and down the stairs is difficult for me.  My househelp leaves by 7 pm.  I have requested Amazon to ensure that its products reach my residence by 7 pm.

But Amazon’s rules allow it to deliver by 10 pm, sometimes by 9 pm.  There is no provision for exceptions especially when it comes to disabled persons.

So, I have placed a delivery bag and a delivery boy outside my house gate.  But some of Amazon’s courier boys do not use it and say that the delivery failed, and then return the package.  I do not know if they are dodging work, or whether they are just being capricious.  Amazon has not checked this malpractice.

I am posting the links to this article on (Twitter), and FB to bring this to the notice of other concerned customers.  I shall not write to Amazon by the DM route, because I now want this to get the widest attention as is possible.


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