Afsana Saiyyad says the course guided her to the right path.


Afsana Saiyyad was student of General Duty Assistant Tiroda. She lives with her parents and with a younger brother. Her father is shopkeeper and mother is a housewife.

Her father’s monthly income is 4500/- to 5000/- which is very less to satisfy the basic needs of the Family.

One of her friends handed over her the form of ASDC and asked her to join the course which will guide her in the correct path. Afsana Visited ASDC Tiroda Centre and enrolled herself for GDA course.

She was a very punctual and always taking interest in practical and other skills. After completing the course she was selected in Portea home care services (Healthvista India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai) with CTC of 9000/- and OT also. Afsana’s Statement: I will give my best and earn more money to support my family. I feel so happy because now I am independent which is only possible due to help of ASDC Tiroda.

Last but not the least I would like to say a special thanks to Adani Skill Development Centre Tiroda.


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