Pooja kumari was able to grasp the content really well at ASDC.

Coming from a big family, Ms. Pooja Kumari, a 21 years old resident member of Gumma Village, Godda was unable to continue her education due to poor economic condition. She completed her high school in 2015.

During the month of September 2018, her father came to know about ASDC offering General Duty Assistance Course. Pooja was assisted by her father during the enrollment process. She started attending the class by travelling 20 Kms (to & fro) using bi-cycle from home to ASDC, Godda. Her class begins by 9:00 am in the morning and lasted till 2:00 in the afternoon. She regularly attended the class and completed her course successfully by March 2019.

During the course of GDA training program, Pooja kumari was able to grasp the content really well. She understood the basic principle of GDA course and able to explain the various cares and skills that she imbibed during the training period. She learnt about patient care, Hair and Nail care, Feeding skills, Blood pressure checking skills, Temperature checking skills, Blood sample collection skills etc. She is now confident to go out for job and start earning like six of her classmate who got job opportunity through placement cell at ASDC during the same year.


“Though I want to continue my higher education, my parents could not afford to send me school. I was asked to join GDA course here in ASDC. Now that I learnt so much about GDA within this short span of time, I am confident and comfortable to go out for job and start earning. This allowed me to support my family. Whatever the amount I may save, that will be utilized for my future use as well.”



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