Poonam faced the difficulties to complete her GDA course and started earning to support her family.

It was during the month of April 2018 that Poonam Kumari’s father took his last breath. Life has changed drastically as the main source of income was over.

Since her siblings could not end their studies because of the poor economic condition, the single mother has to reach out for help from her brother so that her children could continue their education. Poonam Kumari’s uncle has supported them for their education till 2018 academic session. Poonam cleared her 12th board exam in the same year but due to financial crunch, she was not able to manage her admission fees. Since then, she stays at home and support her mother in looking after the household chores.

With the expectation to get job opportunities, Poonam joined General Duty Assistant trade at ASDC in September 2018. She started travelling from her village Chandi chowk, Saroni Bazar to Godda by bus (approx 20 Km for to and fro). Inspite of all difficulties and being a single daughter, she managed to complete her GDA course successfully. During her training period of GDA course for six months, she could understand and master the various techniques of GDA and gain confidence on herself that once opportunity being given to her, she is ready to take up the job and start earning.


“At the initial phase of completing my course, I could not make up my mind as I am the only daughter for my mother. But when I look at my brothers, I feel that they need my support. I cannot sit at home idle now as I have gained good knowledge of GDA. I have to find my way so that I can support my siblings. I am so grateful that I can make a choice now whether to work or not to. This is because of ASDC. I am hopeful to get job through placement cell as well. Once I am into job, I will be able to support my siblings so that they can complete their degree course. So, I am ready to move any location to earn”.


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