Priyanka always had intertest in medical field and ASDC helped her do so.

Priyanka comes from a very small village Ashoknagar, Bhandara always wanted to study further and was interested in medical field, but wasn’t quite sure how she could turn that interest into a career. That all changed, thanks to the Adani Skill Development Centre Training programme in Maharashtra.

The training experience was an eye-opening one for Priyanka. It not only introduced her to specialist knowledge and skills for medical field, but also helped her to realize what she wanted to do in her life and how could she earn for her family. The experience she gained at the training centre played a key role in changing her circumstances.

Priyanka now works as a Nursing sister at Sharnaghat Hospital Balabhat with monthly income of Rs.5500 per month. She uses the skills and knowledge which gained during the training programme on a regular basis.

Priyanka says: “Today my family much comfortable, we all are enjoy our life it’s possible because of Adani Skill Development Centre Tiroda.


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