Vilas Golar says ,”The ASDC course gave me the desired qualification to help in getting jobs.”

Vilas hails from a small village in the Tumsar taluka of Maharashtra and whose family survives on a hand-to-mouth existence. His father works as a mason who, being neither a full-time nor a regular job would render him unable to provide for his family.

Taking admission in skill development programme at ASDC, Tiroda, allowed him to train under welding technician, also gaining work experience at India’s most establishing company, Adani Power, Tiroda. “The course gave me the desired qualification to help in getting jobs,” Vilas recalls.

Soon after finishing the course, he was hired by Ohsung Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. Rajangaon, Pune on a monthly salary of Rs. 10,000/-. This success not only boosted Vilas’s self-confidence, but also enabled him to realize his dream of a better life for his family.

“Skill development training programmes are a great way of equipping the youth with the skills and experience the need to improve their employment prospects and quality of life and I was amongst the fortunate ones to have gained immensely from this experience”, says Vilas, My dreams are big and ASDC, Tiroda have given me the wings to give flight to my dreams.”


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