Anjula Devi’s life transformed to just a housewife to a working lady.

Anjula Devi, a 38 year old resident member of Godda district, lives with her husband, the lone bread earner along with two children.

Anjula Devi has joined Skill development Centre, Siktiya on ironing department since March 2019 and regularly attended the job travelling 16 km daily from home to Centre. When asked about her enrollment in Skill Development Centre, She mentioned, “I came across the skill development Centre through daily newspaper. I asked my neighbour about the Centre location and travelled to the Centre. There I met Meera madam and enquired about the enrolment process. I was hired the very next day and attended the job regularly”. The life of housewife lady who sits and manage home has transformed into working lady right after she was recruited for ironing department at ASDC Siktiya.

Once opportunity provided, Anjula Devi take it seriously and ensure her presence being felt at the Centre by putting maximum efforts. The number of clothes that she irons for which amount of money she earns as it cost of iron is Rs 1/cloth. “I was really slow in the beginning and could not achieve even 100 per day. I have spent Rs 20 for my travel expenses daily and when I could not made even Rs 100 a day, it was a shame for me. So, I make a target for myself to achieve more. The minimum target set by me was 150 and maximum was 250. But at the end of the day, I could manage to reach 160-180 clothes per day” said Anjula Devi.

When asked about her future plan, she mentioned, “Since I got an opportunity to work here through the support of ASDC, I will do my best to earn money. We have faced lot of issues regarding portable water services but as I started earning, the condition has been improved.


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