Monica Kumari proved her capabilities to herself.

Monica Kumari is a resident member of Rupiyama Village of Godda distirct. She was married to Mr. Manikant Bharti who belongs from Katiya village of Bihar state. The relationship between this couple got worsen day by day. Finally in the year 2018, Monica Kumari made up her mind to come back home along with her 3 kids and found her own way of living.

She stayed with her parent at the initial phase after leaving her in-laws place. While staying at home, she got support from her mother in upbringing her kids. Meanwhile she found time for herself to develop life skills so that she can make a living out of it. She joined the RSETI Trade of Tailoring for a period of one month. Within this one month she was able to learn the basic stitching skills.

She joined the Phulojano Saksham Mahila Mandal after getting enrolled at ASDC tailoring course that has changed her life. With dedication and determination she was able to earn more than 10,000 rupees within a period of two months. “I have to establish and prove to myself that I am capable to earn for my family. I have made a commitment to my husband and in-laws that I will go back home and grab opportunity there. Today, I am so happy for the decision that I have made. It was really tough but I took high risk by leaving everything except my children”.

She mentioned, “One feel helpless when there is no support from family. Now I have learnt tailoring skills here at ITI, Siktiya run by ASDC. I am confident to make a living out of it. On top of that, the bulk order of uniforms that my group has received for stitching, this will help me earn more. It is my duty to regularly come to this centre and give maximum output. The more I work hard, the more I will earn. My life has been changed since joining this centre. Now I am in a position to give and not only to take”.


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