After completing the course Jayshree said “I love my life, my family, my job and I am so excited about the future.”

Jayshree D. Wadiwa, a young girl of 22 years, never thought in her wildest dreams that one day she would be working. She grew up very poor in a small village of Bhandara District In Maharashtra and always felt that her options were limited. She always thought she would end up as a house-wife and settle for a small town lifestyle with little opportunities like her parents. Her father is a farmer and could not afford to pay for Jayshree’s further education.

Jayshree wanted more and vowed to do something different with her life. She heard about Adani Skill Development Centre Tiroda. Through her local Gram Panchayat and decided to learn more about the programme. She said I just want to thanks the Mobilizer who cleared all my doubts and answered all my queries patiently.

“I got the second chance, and I was certain that the training would open up doors for me which I could not even dream of earlier,” says Jayshree who enrolled under Adani Skill Development Centre. And admitted into the course on GDA Jayshree admitted that she found the training a little difficult in the beginning. She explained that the course on communication and computers would intimidate her and she would hesitate to speak with her trainers and peer for fear of being laughed upon. She gives credit to her trainers who encouraged her, and supported her and helped her every time she felt discouraged. The trainer helped Jayshree to improved her communication skills through classroom sessions.

After completing her training Jayshree faced her first interview of her life. At present she is doing a job in Portea Health Care Hospital, Mumbai with the handsome salary. Jayshree said “I love my life, my family, my job and I am so excited about the future.”


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