Krunal didn’t step back after his family rejected ASDC’s course and he is proud of his choice.


“I have completed B.E electrical engineering from SNPI & RC, Umrakh, Bardoli, I live in Rander, Surat. I have 7 Months of experience in Accounting. I was doing a job outside my area of interest due to a lack of appropriate skills and the right opportunity. At that time, I got information through my friend regarding various skill development courses at ASDC Surat.

I decided to join ASDC and I discussed with my family regarding such training. There was a rejection of the Idea from my family stating that I should not leave my job for such stupid courses as my income was an important source for the survival of my family. My father is a farmer and income generated by marginal, is not enough for survival. Hence, it was challenging for me to convince my parents to allow me attend a course that would help me get a job of my choice.

With the support of a counselor at ASDC, I was able to convince my father to allow me for undergoing the training program for a better future. Soon I started the training at ASDC Surat as Assistant Electrician. I got practical exposure and gained knowledge regarding entrepreneurship, communication, personality development, computing, and English for work.

I have started working at L& T as Operator in February 2019 and earn an amount of Rs.10,000/- per month creating value in addition to my family income. This job provides me satisfaction as it is in the area of my interest and knowledge than the previous one. I feel happy to choose to quit my job to attend such meaningful training.

My family has got good support financially and also gets respect in the community. So, special thanks to my mentors and guide at ASDC who made this dream come true for me.” says Krunal Patel


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