Monika has always been impatient, but ASDC taught her the value of patience especially when dealing with customers!


Originally from Madhya Pradesh, Monika Jain lives with her parents and two younger siblings. Her father runs a small business, her mother is a housewife, and her siblings are studying. She completed her B.B.A. and was looking for a job. Her friend suggested to join ASDC’s Retail course to gain more skills in her area of interest. She enrolled in the course and gained a lot of knowledge about products, services and customer care. She got training not just in retail but also in soft skills, computer and proper communication skills.

Monika has always been an impatient person, but she soon learned the value of patience especially when dealing with customers! She feels that this course helped her to gain more confidence and make her values more clear. She also understood consumer rights better, which is really important in this field.

She took a OJT (On Job Training), at Hyper City which gave her practical experience of working in a Retail Sector. She was also given a certificate of appreciation. Due to her interest and knowledge, she passed the course with flying colours. She was immediately offered a job at Big Bazaar (which took over Hyper City)with a salary of Rs. 11,000 per month. She has also been appointed as a team leader due to her polished skills.



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