Subhiksha Chandrababu is a school dropout but is independent due to ASDC.


Subhiksha Chandrababu hails from Kottukal village, located in the taluka of Neyyatinkara, in southern Thiruvananthapuram. She is a school dropout. But she had always felt the void of parental love and care in her life. Being a school dropout, it was difficult for her to fulfill her aspirations to be a financially independent person. She happened to attend a mobilization camp organized by Adani Skill Development Centre She chose to do the course on General Duty Assistant, having been inspired by her mother who works as a Care Taker in Hong Kong.


During the two months’ training, she learnt

  • How to prevent and control infection
  • How to maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment at work
  • How to follow safe biomedical waste disposal
  • Legal responsibilities of a GDA, while providing patient care


Once the training got over, she was successfully placed at Aster Medcity, one of the finest and largest healthcare centres in South India. In her own words, “I am very happy today that I am able to earn Rs.12000/- per month despite being a school dropout. I have never thought that I would be able to work in such a highly rated multispecialty hospital. I learned that anything is possible when you have the right attitude and determination. Thank you, Adani!”


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