Sweety Devi didn’t let any negativity stop her.

It was in the Mid year 2018 that Sweety Devi along with her friends in the village decided to join tailoring training program run by Adani Skill Development Centre at Baliyakita Village (2 kms away from Baksara). Because of negative perspective worn by rural communities for women working away from home, it requires time and courage for her to speak up her desire to in-laws about joining the training program. But the family’s poor financial condition did not allow her to sit at home. One fine day, she shared to her husband about this program.

With the rigorous efforts put in by walking 4 kms to and fro from her village to training centre, Sweety Devi developed her life skills in tailoring within three months. By the year end in 2018, the family could manage to purchase sewing machine. Since then, she started her journey as tailor at home and started generating income for the family. As time passed by she became an expert in stitching and started receiving work orders from villages. She was well verse in stitching petticoat, blouse, pants, shirts and salwar as well.

“The negative comments from my villagers could have stopped me from doing this. But my family support sustained me. I have learnt so much from the training centre and I am independent to stitch clothes now. I was never considered as a person who can contribute to family’s income. Since I took up tailoring as my profession, my family has considered me as one of the most productive members now. For any decision to be made in the family, I am being part of the decision making process. My value within and outside the family has increased and I’m so thankful to Adani Skill Development Centre for transforming my life”, shares Sweety Devi.


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