The vocational experience was an eye opening one for Ankita Nandagavli.

Ankita L. Nandagavli comes from a very small village dist. Bhandara had always been interested in the field of health care, but wasn’t quite sure how she could turn that interest into a career.

The vocational experience was an eye opening one for Ankita. It not only introduced her to vocational skills but also additional knowledge required to excel in health care sector as a General Duty Assistant professionally. The experience she gained played a key role in pursuing that goal.

She was desperately looking out for avenues to support her family. Today she use the skills and knowledge garnered during the training. She is now successfully working as General Duty Assistant in Portea Health Care Hospital Mumbai where she earns Rs.9000 per month. She is proudly supporting her family from her monthly salary.

Ankita feels confident and her self-esteem has increased significantly. She has become more independent and less reliant on others, made new friends and has been able to determine that she would like to work in medical field. Ankita says that, she is now an independent young girl and thanks to ASDC Tiroda.


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