Sangeeta Devi life changed with her belief of ‘a drop of water makes an ocean’.

With the slogan “a drop of water makes an ocean” absolutely became apt in the life of Mrs. Sangeeta Devi, a 32-year-old resident member of Motia village made it possible to purchase sewing machine by her own saved money over a period of six months time which has become a historic life turning point for her.

It was way back in May 2017 that she got enrolled in a skill development centre at Motia village run by The Adani Skill Development centre along with 29 women folks from the same village. Gradually she developed various skills of tailoring like cutting and stitching that was the moment when she made up her mind to have a sewing machine on her own. Since then, she began to save each penny which she earns from the centre by stitching blouses, suits, shorts, pants, and skirts. Now, she is able to purchase a brand new sewing machine worth Rs. 6500/-.

At the moment, Sangeeta Devi is in a position to support her family and to provide the daily fare for an auto to her son to go to college without any hesitation. She has also saved a good amount of money for future use in her bank account.


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