Ukraine — the war stoked by the US

These are some of the articles that RN Bhaskar has written on this subject.

14 February 2022 — USA does not like Nordstream2, Russia, Germany and even China — The US is crying wolf.  But it is not Ukraine it is aiming at.  It is China, Germany and Russia.  The US wants to remain top-dog in a unipolar world.

27 February 2022 – Ukraine: The war that USA wants — The US wants Russia to attack Ukraine so that it can force Germany to scuttle the Nord Stream2 gas pipeline.  That gas will reduce US gas exports to the EU.  It will make Russia stronger, and reduce the shre of the US$ in the world.  Unacceptable.

5 March 2022 — The Ukraine crisis: This is the way the world ends  — The US role in the Ukraine crisis will grievously hurt the entire world.  It will destroy the concept of currency, pulverise banking, and reintrouduce brutal force and deception.

25 April 2022 — The US gambit with Ukraine and Russia will scorch the entire world  — The US gambit of drawing Russia into a war with Ukraine is scorching the world.  It has exposed the weakness of the US dollar, triggered oil and food inflation, and even resulted in poorer nations becoming financially devastated.

2 May 2022 — Oil could climb to over $200 a barrel   The fire that USA and UK have lit could singe — even scorch — the entire world. Oil prices could climb to $170 a barrel. It could get worse if the Russian pipes are not saved from the permafrost problem. China and India could writhe in pain.

30 May 2022 — The rouble’s getting stronger  — The Russian rouble is becoming stronger.  USA does not like this.  But it has lit a fire that will singe the world.  The next casualty could be Germany.  But what about India?

27 June 2022 — Russia, India, China should work together  — Russia, India and China should work together. They are natural partners. China and Russia are on an ascendant, and India risks being left out. Working together will help India solve its unemployment problem and declining GDP growth.

4 July 2022 — The G-7 wants to ban Russian gold! Hah!! — The G7 is going mad. It first wrecked confidence in the banking system by using SWIFT as a weapon. It then tried sanctions and disrupted the oil and gas trade.  Then it resolved to send arms to Ukraine.  This could easily trigger a third world with no winders, and almost certainly no survivors.  And now it wants to ban Russian gold.

10 September, 2022 — Can Germany bail out the EU and the world? — Gorbachev did want the cold war to end. The US and NATO had other plans, despite an agreement being hammered out. Surprisingly, Germany a big beneficiary of Gorbachev’s largesse, did not abide by the agreement either. Now there are energy riots.

26 Seotember, 2022 — Harbingers of nukes — All signs point to war – possibly a nuclear war.  People residing in Europe can begin saying their goodbyes.  Maybe others in the world as well, if the war escalates to a US Russia one.  The culprits: USA and an acquiescent Germany. —



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