Nagesh said “Its been a great journey from learning till placement in ASDC.”

Nagesh T. Goundharya joined Adani Skill Development Centre after being mobilised through his local job fair. The 21-year-old had previously found it difficult to find regular, paid employment as a young adult and found himself moving from job to job with little security.

After enrolling on a traineeship with Adani skill Development Centre he started 3 months course intensive training to learn all about the rules and responsibilities of a welder trade under the guidance of ASDC. Nagesh gained knowledge and work experience throughout the training programme.

After completing the training Nagesh faced the interview and he has been selected in Ohsung Ranjangaon, Pune where he earns Rs.10200/- per month. Nagesh said “Its been a great journey from learning till placement in ASDC. I have never seen such a huge lab where in all hi-tech equipment are available for all the trainees and we can practice what we learn in theory sessions. I made lot of friends during my training in ASDC and I wish to continue this networking skills which I learnt at Centre. I feel proud of my skills and I wish to come as guest trainer occasionally just to interact with my juniors and share my working experience at work.”

“I am very grateful to all the trainers and the government for providing such a golden opportunity.” Nagesh Concludes.


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